CARBONEX™ CEW Series Filter Cartridges

Dual media filter with advanced extruded block carbon technology for water applications.

CARBONEX CEW Series filter cartridges provide reliable
removal of chlorine, chemical contamination, and sediment from water. The depth filter media used in the outer zones of the cartridge provides efficient particulate removal. The inner zone of the cartridge is a patented extruded carbon block technology that offers significantly greater carbon removal than conventional granular carbon technology. Retrofitting granular activated carbon cartridges with CARBONEX CEW cartridges can result in better filtration performance and significantly fewer cartridge
change outs.

CARBONEX CEW cartridges are available in lengths up to 40 inches in multiple configurations.

  • Significantly greater VOC removal than conventional granular activated carbon cartridges of similar physical dimensions.
  • Much greater capacity and efficiency in chlorine removal than granular activated carbon cartridges of similar physical dimensions.
  • No channeling, bypassing, fluidizing, or unloading of carbon fines.
  • Extruded carbon technology does not release carbon fines during system start-up unlike conventional granular carbon technology.
  • Highly porous and extremely uniform extruded carbon block technology delivers consistent filtration over time.
  • Standard lengths up to 40'' allows for high capacity systems using conventional filter housings.
  • Single Open End cartridge configurations are available to ensure positive housing seal.
  • Configurations available to fit Big Blue ® housings.

• Potable Water
• Bottle Washing
• Process Water
• Drinking Fountain Water
• Food Service Applications
• Container Rinsing
• Soft Drink Mix/Dispense

Want to know more?

Download our two-page specification sheet for CARBONEX CEW Series filter cartridges.

2-pages, PDF, 90k



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