CARBONEX™ CW Series Filter Cartridges

Activated carbon batt cartridges for cost-effective removal of organics,
chlorine and
particulate contamination from process streams

CARBONEX CW Series filter cartridges provide reliable removal of particulate and chemical contaminant from animal and vegetable oils, organic acids, alkalis and organic solvents. CW Series filter cartridges are very effective for the removal of chlorine and sediment from water. The depth filter media used in the outer zones of the cartridge provide efficient particulate removal. The inner zone of the cartridge is comprised of activated carbon batt for effective removal of tastes, odors, chlorine and organics. All materials are FDA listed for food and beverage contact.

CARBONEX CW filter cartridges are available in 9.75 and 10 inch lengths and in multiple configurations. All CW Series filters are nominally rated at 5 µm and have excellent flow and filter life properties.

  • All materials are FDA listed for food and beverage contact.
  • Carbon impregnated cellulose media provides lower pressure drops than most
    carbon block filter technology.
  • Carbon technology improves potable water quality by removing taste, odor and color.
  • Polypropylene or cotton pre-filtration provides a wide range of options to address
    chemical compatibility concerns.
  • 304 Stainless steel center core option for high temperature and high viscosity applications.

• Animal and Vegetable Oils
• Chemical filtration
• Metal Finish/Plating Solutions
• Photo developers
• Potable Water
• Rinse Water

Want to know more?

Download our two-page specification sheet for CARBONEX CW Series filter cartridges.

2-pages, PDF, 86k


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