Purolator Liquid Process

The Liquid Process relationship to CLARCOR and PECOFacet.

How does it all fit together?

Purolator Liquid Process is a member of PECOFacet of CLARCOR.

CLARCOR is a global supplier of filtration products and services with a worldwide customer base, superb product quality, leading brands, an extensive distribution network, the industry's broadest product line, and its largest sales force.

Purolator Liquid Process - Located in Greensboro, NC and Sacramento, CA.                       
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Purolator Liquid Process manufactures filter cartridges for process industries including chemical processing, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, paint & coatings, industrial, water, metal finishing,
electronics, polymer and power generation. Major product offerings are:

Bag Filters
• Felt Construction Bag Filters
• Mesh Construction Bag Filters

Disposable Filter Cartridges
• Melt Blown Depth Cartridges
• String Wound Depth Cartridges
• Pleated Surface Filter Cartridges

Depth Filter Media
• Precision Depth Filter Sheets
• Depth Filter Modules

Cleanable Filters
• Cleanable Stainless Steel Elements
• Cleanable Baskets

Filter Housings
• Liquid Bag Filter Housings
• Liquid Cartridge Housings

Product Trade Names:
• PUROCEPT™ Multi-Zone Melt Blown  Cartridges
• ACCU-CLEAR™ Pleated Cartridges
• AQUA-CLEAR CV™ Pleated Cartridges
• OMNI-CLEAR™ Pleated Cartridges
• POLY-CLEAR™ Pleated Cartridges
• EPIC™ C Melt Blown Filter Cartridges
• EPIC™ II Melt Blown Filter Cartridges
• PURE-CLEAR™ Precision Wound Cartridges
• CARBONEX™ CEW, CEP, and CW Precision
   Wound Cartridges
• DYNA-CLEAR™ F Felt Bags
• DYNA-CLEAR™ M Mesh Bags
• DEPTH-CLEAR™ Filter Sheets and Modules
• POROMET® 316 Stainless Steel Filter Elements
• POROPLATE® 316 Stainless Steel  Cleanable Baskets

Greensboro, NC Facility

Sacramento, CA Facility


Information About Other PECOFacet Divisions

Facet International -Operations in Tulsa, OK and Stilwell, OK (USA);
France; Germany; Holland; Italy; Spain; UK (www.facetusa.com)
Facet is the world's technological leader in advanced filtration and separation products and systems serving a variety of customers in the aviation, marine, petrochemical, power generation and general industrial markets.

Aviation -
Since the development of the first aviation fuel coalescer in 1943, Facet has been at the forefront of aviation fuel handling. Evidence the number of "firsts" in the aviation industry including the two-stage filter separator; Posi-stop fuel monitor; CIF cartridge; and API 1581, Fourth Edition, Category M-100 cartridges, just to name a few. And, Facet's influence extends worldwide to the world's largest airports from California, to Florida and to London, Korea, and Tokyo. Facet manufactures a complete line of products for the aviation industry to ensure that clean, dry fuel is provided every step of the way -- from the refinery to the wing tip.

Environmental -
As the world leader in coalescing plate technology, Facet has the answer to your oil/water separation needs. The secret is our Multiple Angle Coalescing Media - or coalescing plates - which utilize the difference in specific gravity.

Tulsa, OK Facilty (offices/warehouse)

Stillwell, OK Facility (manufacturing)

Industrial -
Facet provides a complete line of filtration/separation equipment for processing industrial fluids, machine tool coolant, and oil/water and air/gas mixtures. Products include filtration and separation of two immiscible liquids, as well as filtration and separation of liquids from air/gas.

Of particular interest in the Industrial marketplace is Facet's patented coalescing plate technology which allows for extremely efficient oil/water separation without the use of consumables such as filter elements, coalescing pads, or absorbents.

Power Generation -
Facet offers a complete line of filters, coalescers and separators to assure the highest quality of lube oils, transformer oils and gas turbine fuels.

Petrochemical -
In the petrochemical market, Facet meets the needs of the chemical and oil refining industries with an extensive line of filtration and oil/water separation products.

Our products are specified for major processing plants, and we supply refineries worldwide with many types of filtration products. With a wide range of proven materials used in the construction of our elements, Facet offers products that are compatible with most applications and service requirements.

Marine -
Using expertise gained in refineries, petrochemical facilities and in the handling of aviation fuels, Facet developed its first IMO approved bilge water treatment package over 25 years ago.

Military -
Ever since World War II when the U.S. Department of the Navy requested that the Warner Lewis Company design the first aviation fuel water coalescer, the military has depended on Facet's fuel handling expertise. Today, Facet supplies the U.S. military with fuel, lube oil and oil/water separation/filtration equipment around the world on land, sea, and in the air:


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