DEPTH-CLEAR™ C Series Media

        High Capacity Activated Carbon Filter Modules

DEPTH-CLEAR C Series filter modules are comprised of highly porous activated carbon combined with cellulose fibers. The unique formulation process creates filter media with exceptionally high void volume allowing the module to be efficient in decolorizing fluids and absorbing a wide array of unwanted contaminants from process streams. The encapsulated design of DEPTH-CLEAR C Series modules eliminates many of the common process and safety issues associated with bulk
activated carbon technology.

Each grade of DEPTH-CLEAR C media is formulated to optimize retention and flow properties to meet an application’s requirements. Manufacturing by means of an advanced, highly automated production process results in very consistent product quality and filtration performance. The modules are available in configurations that provide up to 38 ft² of surface area per module.

  •  The encapsulated design reduces operator health and safety issues by
     virtually eliminating carbon dust.
  •  The proprietary formulation process results in depth media with
     exceptionally high void volume for efficient decolorization and purification of  process fluids.
  •  The module format offers significantly higher capacities than conventional
     carbon filter cartridges.
  •  Processing time is decreased when compared to bulk activated
     carbon systems.
  •  Filter modules are easy to handle and install. This allows for quick and easy  change-outs.
  •  Dual media modules eliminate the filtration step required in bulk activated  carbon systems.
  •  Filter modules are environmentally safe.

  •  Antibiotic Decolorizing
  •  Endotoxin Removal
  •  Decolorizing Silicone Oil
  •  Detergent Removal
  •  Decolorizing Spirits, Wine and Cider
  •  Decolorizing Fine Chemicals
  •  Blood Fractionation
  •  Decolorizing Perfumes
  •  Catalyst Removal

Learn more about DEPTH-CLEAR™ C Series Filter Modules by downloading our specification sheet.

File size: 265kb

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