Cleanable Media Products

Poroplate ® Media Poromesh ® Media Poroloy ® Media   Porofelt ® Media
Poroplate® products are commonly manufactured from 600x1200 mm panels. These panels may be trimmed into smaller sheets or discs, stamped into custom shapes or formed into cones or cylinders. Larger sheets are produced by welding several panels together. 

Inherent adaptability makes Poroplate® media the perfect material for a wide variety of applications. Poroplate® panels, tubes and discs make excellent filters for tough industrial environments. Tubes and cones are used to fluidize dry granular materials such as cement and polymer pellets. Specialty constructions have even been used in noise suppression, transpiration cooling, vacuum forming and dewatering. 


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Poroplate® laminates are as versatile as you need them to be. 
Poromesh® filter media is made from layers of diffusion-bonded wire cloth. This material is pleated to maximize filter area and the service life of the filtering element. Poromesh® elements are typically used in hydraulic, fuel, gas, polymer and chemical filtration. 

Poromesh® media is made from 304 or 316 stainless steel as well as more exotic alloys like Monel and Inconel. This pleated media can be formed into cylinders or stamped into discs. 

The multilayer pleated construction makes Poromesh® elements particularly suited for rugged usage. The pleating provides maximum filtration area, flow distribution and dirt capacity. 

Support meshes prevent collapse and bunching of the pleats at high differential pressure. Yet a Poromesh element is easily cleaned for reuse. 

Porofelt® media is Poromesh® media comprised of stainless steel fibers that are random-laid and sintered in our proprietary diffusion bolding process.  These media are then supported between two or more layers of wire cloth and pleated.  Porofelt® elements provide finer filtration with optimum dirt-holding capacity and permeability.

Poromesh® and Porofelt® elements are available in almost every size imaginable from 3mm discs to cylinders over 1 meter in length, each custom designed for your unique application.

Poroloy® products are seamless tubes of precisely wound calendered wire designed for demanding aerospace and industrial applications such as filtration, noise suppression and transpiration cooling. 

Cylinders are wound from 347 stainless steel wire of .07 to .13mm, although larger wire and ribbons of special alloys (Monel, Hastelloy®, titanium and more) may be used. 

Winding machines are computer-controlled to lay down wire spacings and geometries that establish filtration ratings of 10, 20, 40, 75 and 100 micron.  Other ratings are easily accommodated. 

Flow resistance is controlled by the configuration of the wind pattern. The pore may be designed to produce a tortuous path (excellent for fine filtration), a straight-through path (for greater permeability) and anywhere in-between. 

After winding, Poroloy® cylinders are furnace sintered to diffusion bond all the wire contact points. The resulting unit is strong, ductile and corrosion resistant. 

Poroguard® filters are produced by placing woven wire cloth (or other filter media) within the wall of a Poroloy® tube. The wire cloth acts as the filter medium while the wound wire provides strength and protection for the mesh. Poroguard® elements are recommended for demanding applications requiring absolute filter ratings and high throughput. 

Poroloy® and Poroguard® cylinders are available in a broad range of diameters, lengths and thicknesses.

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