Products for Pulp and Paper Markets

Disposable Filter Cartridges...DEPTH FILTERS

Bag Filters

--DYNA-CLEAR™ F (Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon
   &  Aramid FELT* Filter Bags)

--DYNA-CLEAR™ M (Polyester Multifilament, Nylon
   Multifilament, Polypropylene Monofilament, Nylon
   Monofilament MESH Filter Bags)

* Sewn or welded construction

Filter Housings

--1-, 3- and 6-Round Liquid Cartridge Housings
--Liquid Bag Housings (Swing Bolt & Band Clamp)
--Multi-Round Liquid Bag & Cartridge Filter Housings (contact us for details)


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